Save for Your Own Goals. Give to Others.
Savingspoint is an online social savings account that allows you to save and contribute money towards savings goals.

Give. Save.
  • Sign up for a free account
  • Create your goals
  • Share your goals with your social network
  • Receive monetary contributions online
  • Become a contributor to friends, family,
    or organization goals.
The Choice for Efficient Saving and Giving

Give Together, Save Together.
  • Wedding/Baby/Gift Registries
  • Online Fundraising
  • College Allowance Accounts
  • Contribute to Friends, Family, or Organizations
  • Track and Achieve Your Savings Goals
  • Online Payment System for your Business
  • Easy and Secure Monetary Giving
No Borders Fundraising Opportunities

With Savingspoint, there are no borders to your fundraising efforts! Use your account to reach a broader audience by leveraging social networks.

Need fundraising ideas?
We can help. Contact Us to get your goals started!

From Members
Success Stories
  • "Savingspoint has exceeded our Company's expectations. Our charitable contributions will be well above our historical performances thanks to the social networking power and user interface of Savingspoint. It's just so easy to contribute."
    - Pat W, Washington
  • "Our church has been using Savingspoint for a few months now. It's great and really brings the community together on causes that matter to us."
    - Christina B, Utah
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